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24 December 2010

Technoperfect Christmas

Mommy Moments is where Moms muse about motherhood and show off their kids. Joys, worries, disappointments, hopes, challenges and successes are shared. Chris hosts this meme every Friday at The Mommy Journey.

With the way things are going for me I know I will not be celebrating Christmas normally. This year though I got a wonderful surprise. People at home did something they rarely do and I was ecstatic! Cj did not face the camera long enough but it was okay. A boy's got to go play I know, I know :)

"I am eating mani (peanut)," Cj stressed when I asked him what was he doing. He swayed his glossy hair muttering quietly 'Mommy, Mommy...' before he went out of the bedroom to play with cousins. My mother then took over the keyboard. Blimey! my 69-year old mother finally chatting with me online? Do I really get a rest now from expensive overseas calls? I hope Cj's computer gets a rest too from the dust or cobweb.

Technology does a perfect job of bringing us closer to loved ones. I appreciate it more than ever.

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25 November 2010

So big

Mommy Moments is where Moms muse about motherhood and show off their kids.

Joys, worries, disappointments, hopes, challenges and successes are shared.

Chris hosts this meme every Friday at The Mommy Journey.

Today's theme got me debating if these punching bags would do.

Maybe HK skyscrapers would count. Three of the world's tallest buildings felt lofty across the horizon. So big too.

They dwarf me much like the way challenges of mommyhood do. But then life is bigger than all these biggies. And good too.

19 November 2010

So little

Mommy Moments is a meme where Moms muse about motherhood and show off their kids.

Joys, worries, disappointments, hopes, challenges and successes are shared.

Chris hosts this meme every Friday at The Mommy Journey.

Today's topic is so little. I dug through what's left of CJ's offline albums and found one I scanned last night. This is one of CJ's earliest photos. He's just hours old. The first time I looked at my trophy, I was slightly aghast: CJ looked like a lizard. So you guessed it - little, tiny everything. Too little perhaps for a silly first-timer's vanity.

CJ with his tiny self is pictured here with his paternal uncle who cradled him away from camera flashes. I obviously didn't do research on photographing infants, but I'm glad I have this shot as I don't know when are they ever going to pose again together.

CJ is not letting his recent, little obsession off his cheeky grasp. He takes it with him everywhere. I sing him, "CJ has an Ultraman, Ultraman, Ultraman..." to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

And these are CJ's little men; his little sidekicks during his 6th swimming birthday party. This was when I fulfilled a promise I made to him on his 5th birthday - no more girly decors on his next cake, What was Mom thinking! and HK Disneyland to compensate for those flowers on the 5th cake that he snubbed.

To be honest I did buy one of those odd, little toys in HK to avoid a tantrum, aggh.... Boys!

12 March 2010

Cars and kids

Noticed something awkward or funny in a vehicle? Ceejay's Dad's car has it. The ground floor parking of the Swiss trading company that employs Cj's Dad is reserved for executives. When he parks down there, his car becomes all the more funny-looking. I'm talking about a mickey mouse bumper sticker on it. And something worse than an executive's car with a grinning mouse sticking out the glass is that my computer got infected wiping out all my pictures. Disaster! I'm putting grief on hold. Below is a google idea of my rant.


Between ex-hubster's cars Cj seems drawn to the old one. I know why he prefers the old. It was his refuge when he was a yakking infant. Or ours. When CJ howls in the middle of the night the car is the ultimate solution. It's instant quiet once he's inside. Magic! Cj must have also felt some connection with it because it's what I drove until I was about six months preggy with him.

Yesterday Cj wanted to spend another hour driving those race cars in the mall. That is a source of argument as he's the only kid there. All other drivers are towering, young adults. He transformed into his Dad's car sporting Mickey among all those formal wheels at Berli Jucker. That's about it for CJ's ongoing experience with cars. Thank you fellow Mommies for using your imagination.

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26 February 2010

Song from a mom's heart

Friday's Fave Five: Love will find a way
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Tension hovered over my week. It's related with preparations for a future endeavor, but then it's usually the way with such kind of stuff. I'm glad, like always, to reach Friday and engage in a healthy exercise of finding what is positive about the week. Once again, thank you, Susanne for Friday's Fave Five:

i. Story of strength and courage
I haven't been following the winter olympics, but the news story of figure skater Joannie Rochette made me reflect on life's beautiful attributes.

ii. This week
Final exams are going on - light work all week with lots of free time for us invigilating, not taking the finals.

iii. Cashing a check and saving it
When my gradschool transcript was released, I kept my ID card in my wallet and shifted my thoughts on stuff unrelated with studies. Maybe I was too happy to not think about research for awhile I also forgot that I still have some cash deposit left at the university. As getting back to research work got more intense this week, I remembered the money. But it is long overdue. I know claiming it two years after the deadline is ridiculous. But I was curious and I risked my face at the finance office anyway. The nice surprise? They issued me a check! No questions. No raised eyebrows. I love my alma mater :)

iv. Mango season
My workplace has hundreds of mango trees on its grounds. Branches are becoming heavy with the ripening fruits. The big boss allows us all - faculty, staff, birds and students to eat all we want. I'm busy and haven't eaten a single mango yet, but I'm enjoying the sight of pretty heels, sneakers and chirping feathers feasting on the luscious blessing.

v. A sweet theme
Mommies of the meme Mommy Moments are sharing songs they sing for or with their kids this week. Love will find a way gives me a break from hyperactiveness since CJ keeps still when it is played and he is prone to hug and kiss more than get into mischief.


Mommy Moments: Song from a mom's heart
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Songs that I sing to CJ are say, more than a few and varied, but all short, mostly improvised and sometimes off-key. Those choir-singing days seem so far away now. Suggestive of his nickname, Baby Pooh, I pick lines I love from Little Mr. Roo, and sing them to him --

Little Ceejay Pooh (Mr. Roo), Let the stars shine over you, no one knows you like I do ... Don't grow up too fast, too soon. Save some time for dreaming. Settle in, settle down let me see that sleepy yawn on your face, Close your eyes I will love you completely and always...


The entire lyrics were on a post-it note in my computer at work for a couple of years. Nowadays we listen and sing along to Love will find a way from Lion King, CJ's fave and mine too.

In a perfect world
One we've never known
We would never need to face the world alone

They can have the world
We'll create our own
I may not be brave or strong or smart
But somewhere in my secret heart

I know
Love will find a way
Anywhere I go
I'm home
If you are there beside me

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I was so afraid
Now I realize
Love is never wrong
And so it never dies

There's a perfect world
Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too
The happiness I feel with you

They'd know
Love will find a way
Anywhere we go
We're home
If we are there together

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I know love will find a way

Chris hosts

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19 February 2010

Books and roses

Friday's Fave Five: Valentine Edition
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Celebrating valentine's day without a romantic date is nothing new to me. What's relatively new is having Ceejay as my valentine date for two years now. It keeps getting better and this year it's even all that I wanted it to be and more. My faves this week are all about this year's love day.

How to be a Gentleman 101
The idea is to begin lessons on giving gifts to ladies other than Mommy or Grandma Philippines and Grandma Thailand. We hadd it simple but sweet: roses for my friend Chett. I was thrilled that Cj followed instructions and Chett was happy to receive the roses.

Red roses and a long, blue & white dress
I thought the blooms were riotous and I enjoyed looking at them. I also finally wore the dress I almost forgot existed in my wardrobe. Bought a year ago, it was lucky to have served its purpose on hearts day.

Little preferences for the day
The original plan was lunch at Fuji and then dessert at Cafe de Tu, but since Chett took along her niece, Gyanna who wanted chips, and Cj wanted the same, we went to Mos instead. What's important was we allowed the kids their choice. No Mommyish law to eat vegetables. Complete sanction to eat what they wanted.

A bookish valentine
We took five escalators up people-watching at the same time, past the Lamborghini and Porsche galleries towards Kinokuniya, a large bookstore inside Siam Paragon. Grand time amidst literature!

Bubbly laughter
Chett and I left Gyanna and Cj alone for a bit while we looked around for some light dinner before going home. About five steps away, I saw Gyanna covering her face with her hands and then flashing Cj a wide grin saying, 'hah!" I loved what I observed: they were both laughing. Gyanna is a sweet, adorable girl. Her vivacious personality worked well with Cj's shyness. This was my happiest moment.

Susanne hosts

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Mommy Moments: Roses and books
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On Valentine's eve I took Ceejay out buying roses. I told him that one was for Mommy and the three were for Auntie Chett. I was teaching him how he, as a soon-to-be-young man is supposed to act during love day. I heard myself saying flowers, Ceej are given by gentlemen to lovely ladies. While watching me remove the thorns he rehearsed, for Mommy... for Auntie Chett.

The notorious Bangkok traffic got even more intense on valentine's day with the Chinese new year celebrations. But we braved the jam and I didn't mind that it took almost forever to reach Siam Paragon. I was so glad Ceejay wasn't shy this time and actually handed the roses to Chett. On Facebook Chett commented, "made my day...."

Then we proceeded to our favorite haunt: Kinokuniya

Books, roses and a little guy learning how to treat women nicely: this was my idea of a fabulous valentine.

Chris hosts

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12 February 2010

Peace talks and a love message

Friday's Fave Five: Peace Talks
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Peace talks
In a previous FFF post, I mentioned that students from another school fought with our students, and our billboards were damaged but I was oblivious. Well on Tuesday this week administrators and student representatives from that school came and did peace talks with us. This time I made sure I wasn't oblivious to such a good and happy event.

A playful fish
One of the fish in the pond at work somersaulted just when I passed by. It swished and backflipped. I thought I just imagined it but the gardener also stood watching the same fish in the same pond doing the same antic.

Dental appointment
After 3 weeks of searching I finally found a dentist who explained all I needed and wanted to know about CJ's teeth. There are problems. Ex is playing hard ball with me on the insurance. My mind whirled as the dentist went through words like x-ray, infection, operating room, sedation. But I'm thankful that I'm no longer ignorant of what's going on and can therefore start thinking of the next steps. It made me breathe easily.

Contagious smiles
One was CJ's when he opened his box of old but favorite toys from his dad's house. The other smile belonged to a little girl riding on a moped. She just kept smiling at me :)

A film still
I browsed around and found this:


Quiet, cool and quaint, no wonder stories are woven at settings like this. Maggie Smith starred as an English novelist who invited train bombing survivors to recuperate at her home in the Italian countryside. You must have guessed the film title already.

Susanne hosts

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Mommy Moments: Love Message
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This month marks my one year of blogging. Despite believing otherwise I must have eked out a few solid lines from the heart. Today the topic at Mommy Moments is message of love. I don't think I could wax poetic when it comes to the most important man in my life...

I almost skipped this week's Mommy Moments but expressing feelings is essential to good relationships so I will try to croak one out.

My dearest Baby Pooh,

You're a handful, don't you know that? Oh yes, you are and I'm sure in time you will agree with me. Yesterday your dentist told me you need serious procedures. I didn't tell her you're eating candies as much as Pooh Bear is eating honey. Or that your milk was in my purse as we spoke. But I did tell her that you're scheduled to play with Roo, Mickey and Simba at Disneyland on April 26th. The procedures would be arranged after.

Everytime you sketch a dinosaur, color it pink and say, "this is mommy" on, of all canvasses, my research sheets, I'm on top of the world.

Sometimes you're a screaming machine and I'm yanked out of my reverie, but this I would do eventhough I'm scared: I would go through hell and back for you. Now don't go competing with Mozart on who's got the bigger head.


P.S. Toys galore the moment you stop drinking milk from the bottle. I might even drop Baby from your title. Deal?

Chris hosts
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05 February 2010

Regency delight and love language

Friday's Fave Five: Regency Period Cake
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Ambience of Banana Leaf
Restaurant dinners continue to be the trend for us this week. Rustic charm has always been a big hit to me and Banana Leaf's got it. Buckets of real wheat, garlic and pumpkin hang adorning the wall. Plus the sweet and sour fish and chicken with cashew nuts and mushroom are a real pleasure.

J Lo Live
This was a gift to me two years ago. Cj is too young to be choosy with scents. He smiles playfully when I spray it on him and I laugh inwardly thinking he is a boy wearing a girl's perfume. This week we both smell the same :)

I finally dragged documents and myself down K Bank to register for online financial transactions. Spending only what I earn suits me best as I avoid debts and the convenience of sorting expenses any time of day in familiar surrounding is always welcome.

Music in the air
Whatever happened to the PA system at work? An old song was coming off it this morning. The sound led my eyes to the open gym where members of the ballroom dancing club were practising slow dance steps to You Needed Me. It was an auditory treat to think that this PA normally trumpets off announcements like "those who have INCs in Taxation 101 please proceed to...."

Regency period delight
I browsed sites about Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors, and found this very delightful thing. The post includes instructions on how to create it. Although I'm not baking anytime soon nor am I a huge cake eater, I'm blown by the loveliness of the idea that one day I will come up with this thing of beauty on my table.

Susanne hostsYou can read more faves at Living to Tell the Story


Mommy Moments: Love Language
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Based on Chris's Thursday post about love language as described by Gary Chapman, this is how Cj and I communicate our love to each other:

Words of Affirmation. People need to hear compliments. Simple "thank you" or "you look wonderful today" is important to this people.

Cj always says, "Thank you Mommy" everytime I give him his milk. I also say "I love you, Baby Pooh" constantly, besides affirmative adjectives when he shows me his drawings (eventhough I look like a dinosaur most of the time) or shapes he forms from his blocks.

Once in the Philippines I was curious as to who Cj was playing with outside the house so I went to check. As soon as he noticed me, he stopped playing, put his hand on the back of my legs (that's all he could reach at the age of 2) and addressed his playmates, "My Mommy." At first I didn't realize that he was introducing me to his friends, but when I did, I thought I just experienced one of life's greatest pleasures!

Acts of Service. People receive love through acts of service like fixing the bed, preparing a meal for them or doing a chore for them.

Now that I'm taking care of Cj singlehandedly, I get to do what I never did when a caregiver was around. I would be lying if I said that on top of my official duties outside the home, domestic chores do not tire me. They certainly wear me down but when Cj does what I ask him to do like, "turn off the light, please;" "hand me the spoon, please;" "go to the computer, Ceej and please play a movie," I am thrilled and ready to face another day.

Physical Touch. People need to be hugged, touched, or sit close together.

Cj gets this love in abundance; he responds well.

Receiving Gifts. People need to receive thoughtful, not necessarily expensive, gifts.


Quality Time. People equate love with spending time with them like listening to them, walking, talking and the likes.

*sigh* As a working single mom quality time seems to be my shortcoming. But I'm working on improving the situation.

Chris hosts

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22 January 2010

Mothering and a New Favorite

Friday's Fave Five: Getting Settled with Mothering
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This week flew by very fast! I mean this fast that I noticed it then I couldn't believe it. Yet it was a TGIF greeting for a co-teacher in the lift this morning. It's perhaps because from Monday to Thursday I was like laundry in a washing machine whirling, soaping, rinsing and finally spinning myself to a blessed Friday while snatching faves along the way:

i. a write-up finally taking shape
It still needs polishing but there it is - 800+ words already and covering almost all points necessary for submission. I strongly suppose Ceejay's full-time stay with me has much to do with its near completion status for I am

ii. getting settled with mothering
Although having to look after Ceejay without a caregiver now (the ex terminated her services) terrified me at first, I am thankful that my struggling efforts to try anyway are turning out okay. I'm sleeping with a baseball bat and there are dinosaurs on the margins of my conference paper; and why is my bathrobe belt now tied to the strap of my purse...? Boys! It helped to have conditioned my mind to be amused, not stressed by all this.

iii. a flower-bordered way
Everyday during lunch break when I rush back to the apartment to check on Cj I have these bougainvillas and hanging purple orchids to look at. This nature display makes for a cheery walk, and a song Mama and her friends used to sing in church long time ago comes alive in my mind, " the cool of the day He talks with me, in the rose-bordered way He walks with me...." Somehow it is comforting to me.

iv. Lang and Wise mugs
Things come and go. As I looked into drawers to find replacements of coffee cups that were broken last week, I found my mugs. They depict original paintings; one by Sherri Buck Baldwin called The Herb Wagon and the other by Lowell Herrero called A Family of Felines. Admiring the rustic charm on them was all I did when I was married. They're too beautiful amidst many things that didn't appeal to me. They symbolize what I really want in the long run and I didn't want them used with anything that was the opposite of my dreams and wishes. Now it feels awesome to finally be reunited with a reminder of what makes me happy.

v. our loot from the Filipino store
Being imported, they're naturally expensive but I had a blast shopping! It's wonderful, just wonderful to eat foods from home. Cj loves the cheese spread, Del Monte mango juice and ketchup. I love the entire loot!

Susanne hostsHead over to Living to Tell the Story for more faves


Mommy Moments: New Favorite
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Now that Ceejay stays with me full-time, I get to understand his new favorites more clearly. Usually after reviewing and then buying CDs and DVDs I present them to him and just let him choose what he wants to watch and we take it from there. I'm happy he likes Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible. He loves the blowing of horns in Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. I watch it too when I'm not nostril-deep in work.

He also loves Bugsy and the raining gum balls from Walt Disney Bedtime Stories:

When I'm preparing his food he loves to 'help.' His new favorite in the kitchen is his new discovery: the knife. His curiosity scares me as he also loves to jump up and down while exploring it. The other day I sliced tomatoes in the bathroom, hid the knife in the tissue box and gave him a plastic alternative from his 4th birthday. The knee situation is from last week when he dived into rough concrete.

When he gets bored with other things he mimics his Baby Einstein art DVD and transforms these into many different shapes over and over:

He tried and liked the mango juice when we were off to a resort town for the new year. We shopped at the Filipino store and Del Monte mango juice is now his new favorite drink: (ouch! imported cans are pricey, Ceej!)

Next week, next month or the next minute we wonder what will our kids be up to. Let's brace ourselves for that.

Chris hosts
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15 January 2010

Newborn Days and Foggy Mornings

Friday's Fave Five: Foggy Mornings
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Refund. The business office refunded my visa problem expenses. I had to pay the fine but they took care of everything else which was a pleasant surprise as I didn't expect them to and I already conditioned my mind to face a few deprivations. A colleague who is privy to the vice president told me, "They refunded you because they need you." I don't know whether I should believe it. Foreign employees are sometimes treated like necessary evil around here. But well, it's the refund that's the fave.

Foggy mornings. I counted two early mornings of fog. I could not see buildings 2 minute-walk away. The illusion of cold made me smile.

Bible Heroes, Ceejay's new DVD interest. He never wanted to watch it when he was 3. I'm glad he's back to christian stuff. For now it's goodbye, Buddhism.

Phone conversation with Mama. Mozart's (on left side bar below Ceejay) christmas treats were delayed because the ATM would not release cash. The situation dragged on until the other day. Mama said Mozart was already sulking. When I had it sorted, the bank computers said an incorrect PIN was entered 3x. Mama had to admit she pressed the wrong numbers after insisting she didn't. I teased her that someone was worse than I when it comes to forgetfulness. The conversation lightened up even more when I asked her what's the sound in her background and she explained that she was at Mrs G's attending a party. "Oh... say hello to my MIL that never was," I mused and it was her turn to tease me. We ended up laughing like silly girls.

Mrs Flowers. The box says Thailand's 1st sugar-free, premium chocolate. Maltitol is used. Yum.

Susanne hosts More faves at Living to Tell the Story
Mommy Moments: Newborn Days
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Ceejay was born on a Sunday. I went shopping on Thursday that same week. I had so many unanswered questions about mothering that I just had to get out to see if the world was still right. The answers I relied on were only those by Dr Spock in written form and from overseas calls to my mother in PI. Then there were those unread gradschool books that I had to stare at before classes resumed the next week. It was a bit chaotic.

But I have to admit those days were fun and exciting, and I wouldn't exchange the experience for the world! We had breastfeeding issues and Ceejay had to be bottlefed. A few days from the hospital I had these moments with Ceejay where I thought of printing lip marks all over his face before giving him a bath. I used my phone to capture the lipstick job which was erased as he moved too much.

In the arms of his Dad...

and with me a few more days later. Is it obvious that a few minutes before this shot was taken I had a little accident in the garage? It happens when you gallivant through hammers and wheels in high heels. But there were sleepless nights to brace myself for so I had to regain the poise at once.

Chris hosts

08 January 2010

There's growing up to do in 2010

Our Mommy Moments theme this week, New Year List, is just perfect for me.

Last Sunday CJ refused to return to his Dad's house. Through a torrent of tears he burst, "I want to go home ... to Mommy!" Saying that while afflicted by speech development issues made me realize how anguished he must be. A crushing grip on my heart induced a vow - grant his wish even if it meant shaking up my entire life.

Some factors (besides divorce) have affected CJ's bi-lingual skills. The nanny speaks Burmese in a predominantly Thai-speaking home environment. I speak 98% English and 2% Thai with him. He also hears me speak 3 other dialects with my friends. Time is ripe to sort out this little kid. Doing so falls at the beginning of 2010 - a new year, and a new decade. The coincidence is kinda inspiring--

1. Another birthday. Ceejay turns six in May. It seems only last week that I was a nervous Mom getting an 11-month old infant through Thai immigration, clutching documents and answering airport police officers' questions.

2. Changes. Opposing views on CJ's speech problem are going on between the ex and me. In the end it will have to be my decision since I have full child custody. I strongly feel serious changes involving passports and visas are in the offing. Again.

3. A promise is a promise, right? I promised CJ Disneyland for his sixth birthday, and that's where we are headed in a couple of months. I'll check out three of the world's tallest buildings in Hongkong too, and take a side trip to Macau.

4. Schooling. It will be homeschooling for CJ if traditional school does not suit him. An aunt recommends A Beka Academy and I'm eyeing PhD applications.

5. Wedding. I'm going to marry in a castle! Just kidding. I don't even have a fiance, lol! What I'm saying is I need to inject optimism and humor as it's a great help in a successful execution of these plans.

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