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28 November 2014


"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." ~ Melody Beattie

Happy Thanksgiving, my bloggity friends!

Skywatch: mapping Forensic Accounting

Reflections: at the Sweet Secret Cafe

Can you tell if a mushroom is edible or poisonous?

 Flowery hangout

I can tolerate my own cooking ;)

November is waving goodbye. That fast, wasn't she? It's been a good month. Now time to wrap up the week -

Mapping Forensic Accounting. It was part of a 4-day seminar which I enjoyed doing. With time pressure though my screws splattered in all directions and my mind wandered to  the -

Sweet Secret Cafe. Not a bad place to mentally be to make up for the frustration of not having enough time for concept mapping. The photo is an old one; taken when I was physically present and had a sweet time there.

Hundred Foot Journey. Three reasons why this film was so much fun to me - Helen Mirren, food, and France. Its brief mention of mushrooms brought back lovely memories of my wedding breakfast. 

Blooms. They enhance walking around to help get rid of harmful cholesterol. 

Capsicum omelette for Thanksgiving. Not the best obviously but I like Thanksgiving, and although it's not a holiday where I am I celebrate it anyway.   

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10 November 2014

Packing up pronto



This was a weekend work trip with colleagues to the province. I love the sumptuous meals in the hall above the floating cottages by the river and the houses among the trees where we slept at night. But the best part was going home. I'm not a fan of packing up but if it's to go home, then I happily pack pronto! 

04 December 2013

To the suburbs we go

An activity in the academic calendar was not translated to English for me to adjust the course outline in time. Someone's syllabus is going to be shaken up.... The thought of sitting for hours through untranslated details bothered me but then -

 Reflections: weekend dinner view

It turned out we would join the main campus (of Thonbury University) in celebrating ASEAN Day which means no stressing over multiple regressions, figure interpretations, stuff like that for a day. A much welcome break!

A trip that involves feeling like being in the country or at least signs that some countryside is close by is great in my books. Skyscrapers and crazy traffic disappearing as the bus speeds to the suburbs - ah! My excitement was like To Grandma's House We Go.

 Skywatch: homeward bound

Speeches, a quiz bowl, food fair and demos later, I found a spot to wait for students to get into the buses that would take us back to the city.

Water World: Electrical Engineering Department pond

This is opposite the pond. Though I'm not exactly the praying type, at least not like this, I was very pleased to observe students do this after all the cheering at the shows earlier.

Praying for traveling mercies

Here's a sinus-clearing seafood sour soup to conclude the week.

A touch of spice

08 October 2013

Mistaken identity

A message in my Outlook inbox on Friday directed Business Administration instructors to head over to the stadium.

I thought it was just like having to watch state-run television to record credits for members of the cheer leading squad.  We did it a couple times in the past.

But this week's activity turned out different.  At least to me.

As I walked out the faculty office door, someone hollered, "it's a three-hour pageant!"

Great. How much coursework is going to be wasted on this non-cur?

Without anything I could do I idly took a snap of Snow White --

-- admired Goldilocks' curvaceous body, half expecting Little Red Riding Hood next.

Where could my students be....  These are normal school pageant girls. We should all be worrying about swine flu.

These contestants should wear masks. After all isn't walking around Bangkok wearing a mask now considered fashion?




I vowed extra points for Rapunzel, my fave princess if she showed up.

But fairy tale aside I must be going senile if I could no longer recognize my own students.

Vanity Fair opening melody played in my mind when this one approached the makeshift stage.

She walks in beauty like the night...

I was now seriously wondering where the heck were my students particularly one that was missing.

They were nowhere in the stadium, nor were they among the staff running this cutie pie school play.

"There must be a mistake in that Outlook message.  I don't have a single student here to supervise."

Just how did I survive having to be in an activity where I had no idea what was going on?

By the time these three held each other's hands in suspense to hear the judges' decision, I was ready to go back to the office.

The next day I innocently asked, "who won yesterday?"  But more importantly, "what's the use of sticking around if my students were not among that pageant crowd?"

"I can't find student 521-0023."

"He was the one wearing white, and he was the only one you needed to look out for," came the reply.

"Well, all my boys were wearing white yesterday, weren't they?"

"No. I mean white, like white gown."

"That was 521-0023?!"

"Yes. Pretty, wasn't he?  He didn't get the crown but he was a finalist.  And by the way, neither were the rest of them what you thought them to be."

This is a repost. Edited for Sepia Saturday & ABC WEDNESDAY

26 August 2013

Go graduate

A university president was guest speaker at graduation rites in a neighboring school. He was fascinated by seniors in cap and gown taking their time marching to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance. When he rose to address them he recounted how they do graduations over at his university -

"Our graduating students don't march. They sprint. We herd them to the stage to receive their diplomas as fast as we can like we are in a hurry to get rid of them."

That was 1993. I was a member of that graduating class who responded with a collective chuckle at that ceremony comparison. Fast forward to 2013: the memory came back when I noticed a photo background at the entrance of my playground recently -

Getting ready for my next class, I glance at global warming, space tourism, export trends stuff for the day. Another batch of university kids are going to graduate. God I'm old.

24 June 2010

Humanoids in Humanities

Ever wondered how a bunch of university instructors absorb themselves during a meeting?

Scenario: three languages; four age groups, five ranks, philosophies as varied as the total number of wrinkles of everyone in attendance and a common bottomline: pay.

Some suffer burnout, others are eager for showtime one minute and ready to bite the academic dust the next, while the rest look forward to hearing the meeting is adjourned. A foreign few had to sit quiet through untranslated speeches. They interact via notes -

1. Crap. Syllabus doesn't match the book. Computer nerdery got messed up or who do we talk to about this?

2. Ah there goes conceptual thinking. Look at the powerpoint

3. I'm so sick of being professionally stagnant.

4. Business guys are paid $$ more per hour than the humanoids in Humanities ....

5. That's fair.

6. ... watched Sex and the City last night. It was funny but soon I was no longer laughing at the film... seatmates had to read the subtitle first and were laughing about six seconds late

7. But hey, they say we are paid tonight for warming our seats.

8. I bloody well hope so.

9. The Council is the deciding party for our case. Our license has been issued under TCT rules ... nothing is written in stone yet.... We either apply for a tourist visa or leave the country.

10. I'm beginning to fancy that conference in Vietnam... hmn...

11 God I need coffee!

12. with rum?

13. laced with sedative.

More T13 here.

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